We take responsibility every day – and have been doing so for nearly 350 years, a commitment codified in our corporate strategy and values.

We think in terms of generations instead of quarters, and we conduct our operations in a responsible manner. This ethos is what underpins our sustainable business success. We believe it's important to take an active role in shaping the future. Our products and technologies are key to achieving this because they play a major role in helping solve global challenges.

Managing responsibility: Our CR strategy

Acting responsibly means looking, listening and doing things better. We respect the interests of our employees, customers, shareholders, and society, an approach that ensures our business success. This is an integral part of our corporate strategy, which in turn underpins our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy, the basis for the responsible governance we live each and every day.

In realizing our corporate responsibility, we focus our strengths on those areas where we can have the greatest impact. We pursue three strategic spheres of activity, namely health, environment and culture. In the process, we continuously seek to hone our competitive edge while working to sustainably secure our future.

CR strategy

Our strategic spheres of activity


Many people in low- to middle-income countries lack access to high-quality health solutions. We leverage our expertise and collaborate with strong partners to develop solutions for patients in developing healthcare systems. Take for example the fight against the worm disease schistosomiasis in Africa, or the quest for an improved antimalarial.


We work non-stop to improve the sustainability footprint of our products while also helping our customers achieve their own sustainability goals. Take for instance the development of liquid crystal technology: when used in smartphone and tablet displays, our liquid crystals reduce the power consumption of these devices.


Culture inspires people and broadens their horizons. Our research and development benefits from creativity and enthusiasm. But cultural inspiration also opens people up to new ideas - it facilitates their acceptance of science, technological progress and innovation. This is why we support cultural initiatives and educational programs across the globe.