Our success is founded on the abilities of our employees - on their ideas and enthusiasm for our company. We therefore seek to offer them the best-possible working conditions.

In an international business world, we align ourselves to the key values of fairness and mutual respect, equal opportunity, and inclusion of individual diversity. In various areas of the company, we are working to adopt new trends such as increasing digitalization. We wish to position ourselves on the global talent market as an attractive employer. We furthermore strive to ensure that our employees stay healthy and fit for work for a long time to come – even among the aging populations found in Germany, several other EU countries, the United States, and Japan.

Our principles

Worldwide, 49,613 employees work for Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany across 66 countries (39,639 employees as of December 31, 2014). The increase in our employee count primarily stems from the integration of the company Sigma-Aldrich. Our corporate culture of mutual respect and esteem binds all employees together across national boundaries.

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In 2015, we continued to improve our talent management and executive development processes. In addition to this, we certified the first set of our Performance Materials facilities to OHSAS 18001, an occupational health & safety standard.

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