For us, responsibility for our community is an integral part of who we are. We focus our activities on those areas where we can leverage our expertise to help solve problems.

We see ourselves as part of the community - not only regionally at our individual locations, but also globally as well. As both a major economic player and employer, we help contribute to the prosperity of many countries. For us, corporate responsibility is an integral part of our culture. Our community involvement activities are primarily focused on health initiatives where we can leverage our business-specific expertise to help solve problems. We also work to promote specific aspects of culture and education. On top of this, we provide disaster relief in emergency situations, especially to those regions in which we operate.

Our principles

We conduct annual Group-wide surveys to ascertain the regional scope of our engagement in the community, to identify our objectives and focus, and to track our progress.

Community – principles


Whether battling schistosomiasis, detecting counterfeit medicines, or working to support refugees, we are proud of all our successes in 2015.

Community – Progress