Offering innovative solutions for a better life, our Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials business sectors stand for high-quality products and the utmost in standards.

Our healthcare products – whether prescription medicines or over-the-counter products – help people across the world live healthier lives. However, approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to sustainable healthcare. We are working to alleviate this situation, for instance by creating health solutions to serve developing health systems and emerging countries.

Our Life Science products make it possible to perform pioneering research; our innovative technologies make lab work easier and more cost-efficient. At the same time, we seek to optimize our sustainability footprint while helping our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Our Performance Materials business sector develops products for sophisticated applications, from effect pigments for coatings and cosmetics, to high-tech materials for the electronics industry. Innovations such as our liquid crystals technology make displays more energy-efficient and thus help save power.

Our principles

The safety of our products is the bedrock of our corporate responsibility. When used properly, they should pose no risk to patients, consumers, customers, or the environment.

Products – principles


In 2015, we scored many successes. We made progress towards a schistosomiasis treatment for children under the age of six; we lowered our transport-related carbon emissions, and we supported a water treatment project in China.

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